VIVOTEK Cameras Provide The Security to South African Company
Maemo Motors in Rustenburg is a newly built garage and the owner wanted to prevent things like theft of new cars in the show room, loss of stock and client's cars going missing while on the premises. All of this convinced them to contact Persas Protection to help find a preventative solution.
In December of 2010, Persas Protection contacted Miro distribution to help them choose the right cameras for the job. Overall the installation required 30 VIVOTEK IP cameras: 4pcs of IP8332 - an outdoor day & night visibility network bullet camera for the gates, 20pcs of IP8330 - SUPREME night visibility network bullet camera for in and outdoor use and 6pcs of FD8134 - a MicroSD/SDHC Card Compact design network camera in the showroom.


VIVOTEK IP8332, an outdoor day & night network bullet camera was chosen at the gates because it fitted neatly into the boom gate for better facial recognition. The IP 8330, a SUPREME night visibility network bullet camera, was used for the workshop, pre-owned section, receiving bay, wash bay and storeroom and was chosen mainly for its weatherproof functionality seeing as a lot of those places are situated outside. They used the FD8134, a MicroSD/SDCH card compact design network camera, in the showroom because it gives a great general overview, which is exactly what they wanted.
The results were that Maemo Motors were now able to monitor in/out going vehicles, the stock in the storeroom, the show room and pre-owned cars section. They also had a general overview of the back of the building and they could monitor cars as they were coming into the receiving bay for service. All of this meant that theft of cars and stock could be prevented.
For the back-up of the video feed, Persas used VIVOTEK's ST7501 video recording software, which features reliable recording, easy system management and flexible scalability for diverse IP surveillance applications, together with an IP Video Recorder, which gives centralized control of all IP security cameras.

Customer Feedback
Overall the client was very happy with the service received from Persas, the neat installation, the image quality of VIVOTEK cameras and the user friendly system.
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