South African Residential Community Enjoys Enhanced Security by Relying on VIVOTEK Cameras
Quant Solutions, a major system integrator in South Africa working with VIVOTEK distributor Miro, recently completed implementation of a surveillance system for the customer in Pretoria.

The customer required the surveillance system primarily to monitor access points to the community, and thereby enhance security for residents. Effective surveillance of both pedestrian and vehicular traffic entering and exiting the community was required. To this end, Quant installed a total of 16 VIVOTEK cameras-eight IP8332, five IP7161, one IP8161, and two IP7361.
According to Kobus Wolvaardt, Head of Engineering at Quant, the major consideration in choosing these cameras was their ability to reliably capture enough detail regardless of ambient light conditions. Wolvaardt says this was necessary in order to accurately identify persons of interest and vehicle license plate numbers, both during daytime and at night. The various VIVOTEK models selected were eminently suited to the customer's needs, he notes.
All four of the models provide high resolution picture quality, with the IP7161, IP8161, and IP7361 providing full two-megapixel video. The cameras also provide additional features that make them a good fit for the customer's surveillance system. For example, the ePTZ capability in the two-megapixel models allows security staff to focus on particular regions in the field of view without physically moving the cameras. IR-cut filters and IR illuminators enable effective nighttime monitoring, enhanced with auto-iris lenses to ensure the cameras can adjust in real time to varying levels of light.

Customer Feedback
Wolvaardt stated: "VIVOTEK cameras have enabled us to accurately track movement in and around the neighborhood. Accurate in-focus images of vehicles were needed for automated license plate recognition and logging and were successfully obtained. The use of cameras has greatly added to the perceived and actual security in the neighborhood. Clear video footage of crimes and other activities have proved invaluable. We are planning on rolling out more cameras following the success of the current setup."
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