VIVOTEK MD7560 Turns Safety in Belgrade into a Walk in the Park
City of Belgrade, Serbia, can sleep much more soundly now, with VIVOTEK MD7560 looking after them. Distributor Netiks helped implement the cameras as well as other network communication devices, both active and passive components, at the Tasmajdan Park, the biggest park in the City of Belgrade. This explains why in the mean time the project was in progress, reconstruction of the park was taking place and attracting tremendous media attention. Boris Tadic, President of Serbia did open Tasmajdan park after reconstruction so you can say that it was one of best covered news at that period.
The areas of Tasmajdan Park where VIVOTEK cameras provide coverage include entrances, walkways, stairs, playgrounds, fountains, monuments, sculptures, fitness centers, sports gyms, restaurants on site and more.

VIVOTEK MD7560 is a compact, 2-megapixeled camera with high definition of 1600x1200 resolutions. It provides clear and detailed image, perfect for the park setting, where accurate identification of objects and humans at the event of crimes is absolutely crucial. A 24-hour patrol service is offered at Tasmajdan Park as well to work with local authorities. Live clients and playback ST7501 modules were installed at the local police stations. In addition, video footage of in-vehicle passenger activities or vehicle accidents captured on the MD7560 can be used for post-event forensic evidence.
VIVOTEK ST7501 is a software program that records and manages systems with flexible scalability for diverse IP surveillance applications. The ST7501 LiveClient allows for real-time remote monitoring, while for ST7501 Playback allows access to the database with multiple advanced functions such as searching, browsing and exporting. When both are installed on separate devices in different locations, the user can easily perform database search and live viewing simultaneously for video management. The ST7501 puts the power of IP video surveillance at your fingertips.

Customer Feedback
Not only do local media praise VIVOTEK cameras for serving as a guardian of Tasmajdan Park, the city authorities mention several times that they are very pleased with quality of the cameras. City of Belgrade Technical Department also confirmed that the newly implemented system is much more effective than the previous surveillance installation. The police expressed satisfaction as well with the image quality they receive on their end. With VIVOTEK MD7560 and ST7501 watching over Tasmajdan Park as well as its residents, safety in City of Belgrade is now officially as simple as a walk in the park.
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