Remote Monitoring of Russian Municipality Made Easy by VIVOTEK via Satellite
Severneftegazstro is a Russian company specializing in installation, repair and dismantling of oil and gas pipelines. The company performs its duties mostly during wintertime when ground conditions are conducive; when summer arrives, all equipment is kept in a town near Demyankov Uvat, Tyumen, as heavy machines cannot be operated on swampy ground. Somewhat geographically isolated, the town is only accessible by tracked vehicles in the summer, with the nearest train station is about 50 km away. Aside from the challenges arising from the nature of the location, the lack of resources poses strong safety concerns for Severneftegazstro. During low season, there are only a few guards stationed to look after the equipment. SATCOM, VIVOTEK‘s valued local partner, provided surveillance solutions that was able to monitor the town, equipment and warehouse via satellite for remote viewing in Moscow.

SATCOM carried out initial negotiations with the client regarding supplying, installing and commissioning the pioneering full-fledged remote surveillance solution via satellite. In total, 8 pieces of VIVOTEK IP8161 network cameras were installed. The IP8161 is a 2-Megapixel box camera with a removable IR-cut filter for day & night functionality and real-time H.264, MPEG-4 and MJPEG compression capability embedded. The cameras were integrated with NUUO’s NV-2040 NVR Mini and connected with the VSAT network operator, allowing for establishment of a communication channel.

The most challenging and stimulating part of this project was the coordination between the high-voltage line and the highway gas pipeline. A highway gas pipeline was built parallel to a high-voltage 10 kV electrochemical line, which serves as protection for the pipelines. The high-voltage line also feeds electricity and supplies power to the town by using the same electrical transformer substation. It is imperative the machines remain functional at all times for stable, uninterrupted connection. In order to monitor the machines, SATCOM installed two VIVOTEK IP8161 network cameras between overhead poles and high-voltage wires. Known for its high quality and reliability like all other VIVOTEK cameras, the IP8161 plays a vital role capturing video and decoding the footage in minute details.
One of SATCOM‘s goals for the project was to minimize the use of the expensive satellite channel. With two 2TB hard drives, the NV-2040 NVR Mini provides continuous recording for the cameras for up to 30 days of storage. The system operator can view the real-time footage in medium quality or select footage from within a specific time frame and view it in higher quality.

Customer Feedback
Soft-Tronik was pleased to have chosen VIVOTEK IP8161 for the project. Not only was the IP8161 a cost-effective investment, it also met all technical requirements perfectly, particularly its uncompromised performance even under such extreme weather conditions between temperatures of -55 to +30 degrees Celsius.
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