Africa's Biggest Mall Now Fashionably Secured with VIVOTEK Cameras
Situated in the largest city of Morocco, the newly finished Morocco Mall in Casablanca, at 2.7 million square feet, is dubbed as the biggest mall in North Africa - if not the entire African continent. After four years and US$260 million in the making, the sprawling complex featuring well-known designer and luxury western brands and a massive indoor cylindrical aquarium containing more than a million liters of water opened its doors to the public in December 2011. An effective and comprehensive surveillance system would dissuade shoplifting and pickpocket activities while monitor and ensure the safety of staff and customers at the same time.

CDVM, VIVOTEK's valued partner in Morocco, offered a complete video surveillance design with 76 pieces of VIVOTEK network cameras from different product lines to better meet specific site requirements. Installation took place at the retail stores of various prestigious, internationally-renowned brands, such as H&M, Starbucks, Mother Care, American Eagles, Pinkburry and Chocolat de Neuville. For aesthetic reasons, the cameras chosen are stylistic and pleasing to the eye in order to blend in well with the interior design. High-megapixel fixed domes and speed domes, such as VIVOTEK FD8361, SD8121, FD8134 and FD8134V, were selected for both the exterior and the interior of the complex. The cameras feature high picture quality and resolution, streaming videos at 30 fps with immaculate image details. In particular, six pieces of FE8171V fisheye fixed dome cameras, the first of its kind from VIVOTEK, boast 3.1-Megapixel resolution and fisheye lenses for 180 panoramic view for wall mount and 360 surround view for ceiling/floor/table mount with zero blind spot. Connected by VIVOTEK ST7501, an equally powerful video management platform, the cameras provide flexible and cost-effective surveillance options for the mall by ensuring that all activities are duly recorded and monitored by the security staff.

Customer Feedback
"Feedback from employees of Morocco Mall has been positive as they are greatly satisfied with the quality and design of the cameras from VIVOTEK, as well as the user-friendliness of the implemented software," said Simohammed DOURAS, Technical Director at CDVM. He believes that under the protection of VIVOTEK cameras, Morocco Mall will continue to attract regional visitors to the jewel of the African retail scene.
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