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Transportation is not only vital for individuals as they go about their daily lives, but is also an essential part of the infrastructure supporting economic development. The 9/11 terrorist attacks truly brought the importance of transportation security into the public consciousness, and incidents around the world have continued to underline this fact. A comprehensive and reliable surveillance system has a pivotal role to play in ensuring public safety and the smooth operation of trains, buses, planes, and other transport, as well as the facilities that support them.

Broad range of solutions

The variety of environments encompassed by the transportation sector is vast-outdoors and indoors, wide-open and constrained spaces, low-light and brightly lit, daytime and night. In view of this situation, VIVOTEK has developed a broad range of high-resolution cameras, including bullet, dome, fisheye and box cameras, with several unique specifications to suit the needs of particular environments.

Likewise, VIVOTEK has developed a series of intelligent functions needed to support advanced applications relevant to the transportation sector, such as people counting, line crossing, and field detection. High-resolution cameras ensure sufficient levels of detail to make even demanding applications such as identification of persons of interest or vehicle license plates possible.

Support for industry standards

• EN50155
• IK10
• M12

Superior solutions for the transportation sector must begin with support for key industry standards. VIVOTEK seeks compliance with the widest possible range of such standards, encompassing interfaces, physical design, interoperability, and more.

An example of the important standards supported in VIVOTEK products is the EN50155 guideline for electronic equipment on rolling stock such as railway trains. EN50155 specifies a number of criteria that compliant devices must meet, including humidity resistance, operating temperature range, and electromagnetic isolation. Another key standard that VIVOTEK supports is the M12 Ethernet plug specification, which ensures network connections that can withstand harsh conditions. IP66 compliance ensures the internals of VIVOTEK cameras are protected against ingress of even fine dust particles, as well as of water during the heaviest rainfall and winds. Conformance to the IK10 standard ensures that VIVOTEK hardware can withstand even powerful mechanical impacts, a regular occurrence in many transportation environments.

Sophisticated technologies and design

• WDR Pro
• Supreme Night Visibility
• High frame rate
• Auto exposure response time
• Intelligent video analysis

In addition to support for key standards, VIVOTEK has developed a diverse portfolio of technologies that either enhance overall performance or meet the requirements of specific transportation environments or applications.

One of the most important VIVOTEK technologies for transportation security is WDR Pro, which ensures that high-quality imagery can be captured even when difficult high-contrast lighting conditions prevail, such as a tunnel. Since many transportation security camera installations are subject to changing lighting conditions due to physical movement, or outdoor location, WDR Pro is the best guarantee of excellent image quality at all times.

For nighttime and other low-light scenarios, VIVOTEK's Supreme Night Visibility (SNV) series cameras incorporate a tightly integrated combination of technologies to enhance video quality when monitoring under night or under other low-light conditions. Taking as an example possible dim lighting conditions in a passenger vehicle traveling at the late night, SNV cameras provide clear color video at far lower levels of light so as to secure the safety of the driver as well as passengers.

When monitoring locations where high-speed movement occurs-such as vehicles in active operation-VIVOTEK supports high frame rate at up to 60 fps video recording to ensure that clear detail can be captured. Fast auto exposure response times are another feature that helps make monitoring of even highly dynamic scenes feasible.

VIVOTEK has also developed technologies to support sophisticated transportation security applications. For example, VIVOTEK cameras can integrate GPS information, displaying it as text on video, for easy location tracking and more complete incident data. For scenarios where privacy issues are a concern, VIVOTEK offers a privacy mask feature that can automatically apply a blur to specific areas in a camera's field of view.

Line crossing is another intelligent function that cements security in stations. VIVOTEK has developed VADP (VIVOTEK Application development Platform), an open platform for integrating video analytic functionality within its cameras. With VADP, line crossing detection can be directly installed in VIVOTEK cameras. Users can pre-set several lines for detecting object crossing. This intelligent function is especially ideal for monitoring platforms in train stations or metro stations, enabling police or security staff to take actions proactively before any damage or tragedy occurs.

Unique products for transportation applications

VIVOTEK's compact fisheye cameras provide an ideal surveillance solution for tight spaces such as train carriages and buses. Panoramic PTZ combines fisheye and speed dome functionality, providing the ability to switch seamlessly between monitoring an entire space and examining a specific region of interest. The video rotation feature in cameras like the MD8531H offers a way to capture a comprehensive view of such narrow spaces as well as more open locations such as train platforms. In addition, cameras such as the MD8562 and FE8174V are engineered to provide an extremely wide field of view, providing a tailor-made solution for such environments. At the other extreme, to provide clear monitoring of distant points, VIVOTEK offers an option for a powerful F4 zoom lens.
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