1.3MP WDR Pro II 3DNR Low Lux Remote Back Focus EIS P-iris 60 fps Snapshot Focus Fixed Network Camera IP8155HP
VIVOTEK IP8155HP is a professional box network camera offering up to 60 fps @ 1.3-Megapixel resolution with superb image quality.

Featuring the new improved Wide Dynamic Range Technology WDR Pro II, it provides extreme visibility in high light contrast environments with 4-shutter capture method. Combined with 3D Noise Reduction Technology, which enables the IP8155HP to capture clear, polished video under low-light conditions and reduce bandwidth from sensor noise, users can identify an increased level of image detail in extremely bright as well as dark environments.

To provide top-notch image quality, IP8155HP also comes with a P-iris lens, which controls the iris with extreme precision with its built-in stepper motor. By using software controls, the lens maintains the iris opening at an optimal level at all times, resulting in superior sharpness and depth of field. Furthermore, for installers, properly adjusting the focus of a megapixel network camera can be difficult due to the level of image detail. Therefore, IP8155HP is also designed with VIVOTEK’ s RBF (Remote Back Focus) System for installer to adjust focus more precisely.


• 1.3-Megapixel CMOS Sensor
• 30 fps @ 1280x1024
• 60 fps @ 1280x1024 (one-stream mode only)
• Motorized, P-iris Lens
• 3D Noise Reduction for Low-light Conditions
• WDR Pro II (140dB) to Provide Extreme Visibility in High Light Contrast Scenes
• RBF System to assist for Precise Focus Adjustment
• Two-way Audio
• Supreme Night Visibility
• Snapshot Focus
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